Free meals for those who need them

In the heart of Oswestry

Come and eat with us in a space which is inclusive and friendly, every Thursday from 12.30 at Holy Trinity Church, Oswestry. There’s nothing quite like sitting down at a big table and enjoying good food together. Fill your bellies and have a chat, we’ve always got an open ear… Community starts in the kitchen.

Food waste and food poverty are a growing problem in the UK. At OsNosh, we believe there is a simple solution: we take food that would otherwise be thrown away and cook healthy and delicious meals with it. All for free, and for everyone who is hungry or in need of some company.

12.30pm @ Holy Trinity Church, Oswestry

Come and eat from free or pay what you feel

We’re more than happy to accommodate any dietary requirements, just let us know before hand.

Get involved with the cooking

Help is create our tasty meals

Why not help us cook? From how to prepare basic yet delicious community meals, to learning a little about the benefits of a nutritious diet – don your apron and get involved!

Of course there’s no pressure to get involved. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your food. But it’s incredible to see just how uplifting baking, and creating with a few ingredients, can be.

Want to volunteer or donate some food?

We welcome all the help we get...

Looking to the future

Learning skills and earning a wage

We want to go further than just recycling our food waste. As people get involved, we hope to teach the skills needed to help us run catering events, which will generate the money needed to give back more. Imagine that – an evening of delicious food and great atmosphere where you help to recycle food, and give someone the chance to earn a wage and gain valuable experience.